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Walker Ski Glides

Walker Ski Glides can be attached easily to folding walkers with 1 Inch legs and glide easily over most surfaces…even over grass and cement. A simple addition of durable Walker Ski Glides takes the ordinary walker one step further allowing the user to maneuver basic obstacles like uneven sidewalks, ragged grass, carpets, patterned linoleum and other surfaces. It can easily be added to walker. Glide Skis For Walker of durable composite construction ensures long life. These walker accessories can be used with all walkers of most leading manufacturers. The Walker Skis can also be used on the rear legs of folding walkers with wheels. The price is for 1 pair of Walker Ski Glides


  • Ideal for those with limited strength, eliminating the need to lift the walker; should be used in conjunction with walkerballs or wheels on the front legs
  • Reduces friction that rubber tips can create
  • Installs easily into 1" I.D. (inside diameter) walker leg tubing. Universal Ski Glides fit 7/8" and 1" leg tubing.
  • High-density plastic
  • 1 pair
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Detailed instructions on the box

Universal Walker Ski Glides 1 Pair Fits 7/8" and 1" Inside Diamter Tubing
Our Price: $21.21

Walker Ski Glides 1 Pair Fits 1" Inside Diameter Tubing
Our Price: $6.84

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