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Transfer Assists

Products for Canes
Adjustable Folding Cane with Ergonomic Handle
Price: $13.52
Deluxe Adjustable Aluminum Cane
Price: $18.20
Deluxe Adjustable Aluminum Offset Cane
Price: $14.34
Five Prong Ice Grip Cane Attachment
Price: $8.58
Grahamfield Adjustable Aluminum Canes
Price: $11.48
Grahamfield Adjustable Offset Cane
Price: $18.16
Grahamfield Replacement Tips for Aluminum Canes
Price: $9.18
Grahamfield Standard Grip Silver Collection Low Profile Quad Canes
Price: $30.29
Grahamfield Standard Wooden Canes
Price: $11.00
Sammons Preston Orthopedic Grip Cane
Price: $55.56
Universal Cane Strap
Price: $5.05
Walker / Cane / Commode Replacement Tips
Price: $4.89
Products for Crutches
Price: $94.60
Feel Good Crutch Accessory Kit
Price: $13.93
Grahamfield Crutch Accessory Kit
Price: $9.18
Guardian - Sunrise Medical Quickfit Crutches
Price: $26.76 to $28.39
Medline Industries Push Button Crutches
Price: $39.24
Replacement Crutch Tips
Price: $4.04
Products for Rollators
Aluminum Rollator with Weight-Activated Brakes
Price: $159.55
Extra-Wide Heavy-Duty Steel Bariatric Rollator
Price: $321.12
Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Rollators
Price: $173.89
Products for Transfer Assists
Sammons Preston Transfer Belt
Price: $25.73
Products for Walkers
Adult Folding Adjustable Walker
Price: $69.68
Bariatric Two-Button Release Aluminum Folding Walker
Price: $107.04
Carex Fixed Wheeled Walker with Glides & 5" Wheels
Price: $72.57
Fold Away Walker Tray
Price: $33.83
Folding Aluminum Hemi-Walker
Price: $37.27
Single Release Aluminum Folding Walker
Price: $52.52
Single Release Aluminum Folding Walker With Non Swivel Wheels
Price: $74.72
Universal Walker Pouch With One Large Compartment
Price: $11.91
Walker Ski Glides
Price: $6.84 to $21.21
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