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EMS Units
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Products for EKG Electrodes
3M Red Dot Resting EKG Electrode 9650
Price: $391.55
Products for EMG Electrodes
Uni-Patch EMG/Biofeedback
Price: $86.64
Products for EMS Units
AMREX MS324A Two-Channel, Low-Volt AC Muscle Stimulator
Price: $29.91 to $1242.27
MS322 Low-Volt AC Muscle Stimulator
Price: $29.91 to $817.17
BodyMed Analog EMS Unit
Price: $60.12
BodyMed Digital EMS Unit
Price: $69.02
Products for Interferential Therapy Devices
BodyMed Analog Dual Channel Interferential Unit
Price: $204.83
BodyMed Digital Dual Channel Interferential Unit
Price: $225.55
Products for Iontophoresis
Dynatron ibox Iontophoresis Delivery Device
Price: $516.38
IontoPatch 80 Iontophoresis
Price: $75.73 to $302.94
Iontophoresis + Plus High Permformance Electrodes
Price: $80.33
Products for Microcurrent Stimulation
ReliaMed Micro II Dual-channel Microcurrent Stimulator
Price: $60.12
Products for TENS Electrodes Pads
Modality Accessories: Conductive Pad Electrodes
Price: $8.32 to $117.65
ValuTrode Back Electrode
Price: $6.69 to $7.62
Axelgaard UltraStim Snap Electrodes
Price: $34.43 to $68.54
BodyMed Blue Gel Carbon Electrodes
Price: $9.91 to $17.60
BodyMed Self-Adhering Carbon Electrodes
Price: $5.07 to $8.18
BodyMed Self-Adhering Silver Electrodes
Price: $7.33 to $10.53
Dura-Stick Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes
Price: $6.14 to $15.42
Dynatronics Carbon Electrodes
Price: $8.68 to $15.22
Mettler EZ Trode Self-Adhesive Electrodes
Price: $10.64 to $14.45
Mettler V Trode Self-Adhesive Electrodes
Price: $6.43 to $10.64
PALS Fabric Electrodes
Price: $8.16 to $12.89
PALS Foam Electrodes
Price: $8.38 to $12.89
PALS Platinum Blue Electrodes For Sensitive Skin
Price: $18.44 to $23.21
UltraStim Electrode Back Garment Kit
Price: $6.01 to $66.56
Uni-Patch Back Electrodes for Lumbrosacral Stimulation
Price: $11.48
Uni-Patch Carbon Electrodes
Price: $7.92 to $17.79
Uni-Patch Galvanic Pad
Price: $9.06
Uni-Patch Low Back Strips for Lumbrosacral Stimulation
Price: $10.79
Uni-Patch Lumbosacral Stimulating Electrode with Skin Friendly Blue Gel
Price: $18.93
Uni-Patch Multi-Day Stimulating Electrodes
Price: $12.28 to $52.79
Uni-Patch Pre-Gelled Carbon Stimulating Electrodes
Price: $7.68 to $14.65
Uni-Patch Re-Ply Stimulating Electrodes
Price: $6.08 to $10.79
Uni-Patch Reusable Self-adhering Conductive Pads
Price: $10.64
Uni-Patch Soft Foam Stimulating Electrodes
Price: $43.95
Uni-Patch Starburst Stimulating Electrodes
Price: $9.06
Uni-Patch Sterile Post Ops
Price: $15.26 to $18.47
Uni-Patch Superior Silver with Skin Friendly Blue Gel
Price: $12.51 to $17.44
Uni-Patch Tan Tricot Stimulating Electrodes
Price: $8.49
Uni-Patch Tape Patches
Price: $20.33 to $29.84
Uni-Patch Uni-Tab Stimulating Electrodes
Price: $13.59 to $35.11
ValuTrode Electrodes White Fabric
Price: $4.88 to $7.62
ValuTrode Electrodes White Foam
Price: $4.88 to $7.40
Products for Tens Equipment Supplies
Modality Accessories: Amrex Banana Plug Cords
Price: $21.66 to $47.05
Modality Accessories: Clips & Adapters
Price: $5.15 to $34.14
Modality Accessories: Standard Rubber Pad with Sponge Insert
Price: $0.87 to $50.30
Quick-drying Wipes
Price: $41.31
After-Tens Care Cream
Price: $12.04
BodyMed TENS Replacement Lead Wires
Price: $4.87
Electro Mist Electrolyte Spray for Muscle Stimulation
Price: $10.54 to $103.05
Mettler Electrode Cables and Adapter Plugs
Price: $36.17 to $224.60
Mettler Pin to Banana Adapters & Bifurcation Cables
Price: $68.85
Mettler Sponge Electrodes
Price: $1.15 to $62.88
Mettler TrioStim Accessories
Price: $40.62
Nylatex Wraps
Price: $7.37 to $25.15
Parker Laboratories Redux Electrolyte Paste
Price: $190.14
Parker Laboratories Signacreme Electrode Cream
Price: $35.11
Parker Laboratories SignaGel Electrode Gel
Price: $2.48
Parker Laboratories SIGNASPRAY Electrode Solution and Skin Prep
Price: $7.09 to $192.78
Parker Laboratories Spectra 360 Electrode Gel
Price: $2.55 to $4.62
Parker Laboratories Tensive Conductive Adhesive Gel
Price: $8.86
ReliaMed Adhesive Remover Wipes
Price: $12.81
ReliaMed Protective Barrier Wipes
Price: $15.57
Tac Gel Electrically Conductive Adhesive
Price: $9.84
Uni-Patch 9-Volt Battery Charger
Price: $8.95
Uni-Patch Alligator Clip Adaptors
Price: $6.24
Uni-Patch Aloe Vera Gel
Price: $7.57
Uni-Patch Banana Plugs
Price: $5.68
Uni-Patch Bifurcating Wire Y-Cable
Price: $5.56
Uni-Patch Lead Wire Extender
Price: $9.75
Uni-Patch Pin to Snap Adapter
Price: $7.23
Uni-Patch TENS Clean-Cote Skin Wipe
Price: $12.88
Products for TENS Units
BodyMed Analog TENS Units
Price: $36.27
BodyMed Digital TENS Unit
Price: $76.00
BodyMed TENS Lower Back Pain Relief System
Price: $4.83 to $149.18
Products for TENS/EMS Combo Units
BodyMed Dual Stim Digital TENS and EMS Combination Unit
Price: $84.37
Products for Ultrasound
BodyMed Portable Ultrasound Machine
Price: $127.84
Mettler Sonigel Clear Gel
Price: $18.36 to $44.32
Mettler Ultrasound Accessories
Price: $131.50
Parker Laboratories Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad
Price: $9.82
Parker Laboratories Aquasonic 100 Ultrasound Transmission Gel
Price: $2.55 to $42.61
Parker Laboratories Aquasonic Clear Ultrasound Gel
Price: $38.10 to $46.80
Parker Laboratories Polysonic Ultrasound Lotion
Price: $3.99 to $134.83
Parker Laboratories Scan Ultrasound Gel
Price: $123.65
Parker Laboratories Transeptic Cleansing Solution
Price: $11.98
Sombra Ultrasound Gel with Aloe
Price: $28.08
Sonigel Lotion with Aloe Vera
Price: $23.69
Ultra/Phonic Conductivity Gel
Price: $4.83 to $35.85
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