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Products for Heat Therapy
Hydrocollator All-Terry Covers and Foam-Filled Terry Covers
Price: $20.65 to $41.57
Therabath PRO Paraffin Therapy System
Price: $230.85
Ideal Stainless Drying Rack
Price: $79.87
Parabath Paraffin Bath System
Price: $14.35 to $257.84
Therabath ComforKits
Price: $7.73 to $58.24
Therabath PRO Paraffin Wax Bath Refill Beads
Price: $28.59
WaxWel Paraffin Beads Refills
Price: $35.34
Waxwel Paraffin Units
Price: $141.97
WaxWell Paraffin Refill Blocks
Price: $29.53
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