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Category: Heating Pads
PSI Hydrotherm Moist Heat Packs and Covers
  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • You can count on these long lasting durable products for all your moist heat therapy needs.
  • These products are typically used in physical therapy applications for the treatment of chronic conditions.
  • Remember to use a cover in combination with each Hydrotherm Moist Heat pack to ensure safe application to the body over and over again.
  • Standard Size: Most universally used. Accomodates nearly any body contour.
  • Cervial (Neck) Contour: For treatment of acute neck injuries, cervical arthritis, etc.
  • Oversize: Largest size moist heat pack for treatment of back, shoulders, legs, etc.
  • Half: Half of the standard pack. Ideal for treating small areas.
  • Large: For treatment of the entire back area.
  • Extra Large: Designed to treat the entire spine.
  • Knee/Shoulder: Designed to form around the knee or shoulder area. The square opening in the center prevents weight pressure.

PSI 5100 Hydrotherm Moist Heat, Standard, 12" x 10"
Our Price: $10.05

PSI 5102 Hydrotherm Moist Heat, Cervial (Neck) Contour, 22" Long
Our Price: $12.63

PSI 5104 Hydrotherm Moist Heat, Oversize, 24" x 15"
Our Price: $27.62

PSI 5106 Hydrotherm Moist Heat, Half, 12" x 5"
Our Price: $8.72

PSI 5110 Hydrotherm Moist Heat Cover, Standard, 24" x 18" Open
Our Price: $23.88

PSI 5112 Hydrotherm Moist Heat Cover, Cervial (Neck), 23" x 19" Open
Our Price: $23.88

PSI 5113 Hydrotherm Moist Heat Cover, Oversize, 49" x 30" Open
Our Price: $43.96

PSI 5114 Hydrotherm Moist Heat, Large, 16" x 10"
Our Price: $19.87

PSI 5116 Hydrotherm Moist Heat, Extra Large, 24" x 10"
Our Price: $24.89

PSI 5118 Hydrotherm Moist Heat, Knee/Shoulder, 20" x 10"
Our Price: $23.56

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