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Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitor For Erectile Dysfunction Test
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Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitor For Erectile Dysfunction Test

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitor For Erectile Dysfunction Test, a state-of-the-art monitor that measures nocturnal erectile events, duration of events and penile tumescence for the evaluation of erectile dysfunction.

The portable sexual health monitor system is designed to measure and record volumetric changes within the penis nocturnally. Three electrode sets are used in this nocturnal penile tumescence device to monitor and record impedance data which directly correlate to changes in penile blood volume. The data is eventually downloaded to a physician's computer for display.

Penis erection testing device neva system uses an optical interface to provide electrical isolation between the computer and the battery powered impedance recorder. The penile health monitor is designed for take home use by the patient as directed by their physician.

*Patent number 6,015,393.

Import Note: This product may be covered and billable under your current medical insurance please ask your doctor if you qualify

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitor System Includes
  • NEVA Recorder
  • Software Disk (CD)
  • Computer Interface Box and cables
  • Instructions For Use
Following are the choices of Electrode Kit to be purchased

Code Size Price
URO-NEVA5pk 5 Pack $150.00
URO-NEVA10pk 10 Pack $290.00
URO-NEVA20pk 20 Pack $560.00

One Pack/Kit Contains

For Two Night Test

- 2 Electrode sets
- Leg Bag and Strap
- 9 Volt Battery

How it Works

The male genitalia testing device consists of three disposable electrode sets and a portable battery powered recorder. A host computer, interface box, cables and a computer program are used to download and display the data. Two of the three electrode sets are placed on the penis so that one electrode set is on the glans terminating just proximal to the glans, one set is at the base of the penis terminating a fixed distance from the base of the penis. The third electrode is attached to the patient’s hip. The wires from the electrodes terminate in a connector which plugs into the portable NEVA recorder.

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitor For Erectile Dysfunction Test

The electrodes and the recorder are used by the patient to monitor nocturnal tumescence for up to three nights. The host interface and the computer program are used to prepare (initialize) the recorder for use and to download the data from the recorder for display and analysis on a physician’s computer.

The erectile dysfunction test system indicates penile tumescence by monitoring changes in volume, length and area. Due to a variety of factors (patient position, etc.) the size of the penis can change its shape. An increase in length, by itself, may not indicate tumescence. Tumescence is generally indicated by an increase in volume, length and area. This is the primary reason the erectile dysfunction system displays volume, length and area throughout the test.

Impedance values which are used to determine penile volume, length and area are continuously recorded at one-second intervals. The one second time base and the change in volume data allow a physician to determine the fill rate once periods of tumescence are identified.

The penile health monitor determines changes in volume by measuring the impedance within the penis. A low-powered alternating current is sent from the electrode on the glans to the ground electrode on the hip. The remaining electrodes are used to measure the impedance. The electrode set at the base of the penis includes electrodes which are separated by a fixed distance. As the cross-sectional area of the blood volume in the penis increases, there is a decrease in measured impedance in the base electrode set. These impedance changes are then converted to a volume reading by the host computer. With an increase in distance between the base electrode and the electrode posterior to the glans (penis length) there is an increase in the impedance between these electrodes. This change in impedance is converted to a length reading.

To retrieve recorded data, the NEVA recorder is plugged into a computer through the host interface box to a host computer running the NEVA software. The computer and software will recognize the recorder and will display a menu which allows the physician to download previously recorded data or initialize the recorder for a new test. To begin a new test, the physician enters the patient’s name and other relevant information and initializes the recorder. All previous data are cleared and the patient information is saved to the recorder.

Once the NEVA recorder is initialized and the patient is instructed in its use, the recorder and electrodes are sent home with the patient. The electrodes are designed for single use so a separate set of electrodes is needed for each sleep period of the test.

The NEVA recorder is normally in standby mode until the electrodes are placed on the patient and the connector is plugged into the recorder. When the connector is removed, the recorder returns to the standby mode. Patients should be instructed to plug in the electrodes at the beginning of the test and unplug the electrodes at the end of the test. The recorder can store data for a maximum of 36 hours, typically three sleep periods.

At the end of the test period, the NEVA recorder is plugged into a computer through the host interface box to a host computer running the NEVA software. The computer and software will recognize the recorder and will display a menu which allows the physician to download the data.

The data are then downloaded to the computer and stored on the computer’s hard drive. The impedance data are converted to volume, length and cross-sectional area plots which are displayed graphically on the computer screen. The software incorporates a number of features which facilitate the analysis and interpretation of the data by the physician.

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitor For Erectile Dysfunction Test

Product Code: URO-Neva


Penis Erection Problems, Male Sex Problems

This product is Non-Returnable due to the intimate nature of the merchandise. (Exceptions only apply for mis-shipments and or manufacturer's defect). This is a custom built device and will take an extra 3 to 5 days, from time of purchase, for this order to be processed and shipped to its final destination.

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