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Category: Exercise Balls
FitBALL Exercise Peanuts
FitBALL burst-resistant peanut. Good core training tool for beginners who find a FitBALL exercise too challenging. Depending on user's position, rolls front to back or side to side. Also used extensively with children, seniors and during rehabilitation.The peanut is designed so that therapist and patient can sit on the FitBALL Peanut together. Moderate instability challenge. Burst-resistant material designed to deflate slowly if punctured. Professional quality suitable for fitness facilities and group class settings.

FitBALL Exercise Peanut 40cm Yellow
Our Price: $45.35

FitBALL Exercise Peanut 50cm Red
Our Price: $54.85

FitBALL Exercise Peanut 60cm Blue
Our Price: $81.17

FitBALL Exercise Peanut 70cm Yellow
Our Price: $97.65

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