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Category: Exercise Balls
FitBALL Exercise Ball DVDs
FitBALL Exercise Ball Instructional DVDs

Body Therapy-Small Ball Release
FitBALL's Small Ball Release Program provides step-by-step instructions to release tension in muscular and fascial tissue in the pelvic, hip, lower back, middle back, neck, chest and shoulder areas. DVD created by FitBALL Master Trainer Cheryl Soleway, P.T., 45 minutes.
Back to Functional Movement DVD
Powerful back rehab routine enhances the overall strenght of the spinethrough core muscle development. Led by Trish Scott. 30 minutes

Lower Body Challenge
This challenging program targets abdominals and increases lower body strength, stability and flexibility. Led by Cheryl Soleway. 45 minutes.

Upper Body Challenge
Get a challenging abdominal and upper body workout by combining your FitBALLĀ® and HeavyMeds or free weights. Led by Cheryl Soleway. 45 minutes.
Great Expectations
Prepare for labor and motherhood while getting a great workout that's safe for mother and baby. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy and early motherhood. Led by Lisa Westlake. DVD format. 45 minutes.
Using the Ball During Pregnancy
By Carolyne Anthony. This 20-minute DVD explains how to use the FitBALL exercise ball as a birthing ball. Exercises are appropriate for use during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

The Balanced Workout
Designed by Joanne Posner-Mayer, P.T. and Lindsay Zappala, this instructional video is perfect for post-rehab workouts, the active senior or any beginner new to the FitBALL exercise ball. Originally produced in 1993, the Balanced Workout was one of the first videos to demonstrate how a stability ball (originally used for therapy & rehab) could be adapted for general fitness. It has since become a classic teaching program for home use. 60 minutes.

Back to Functional Movement FitBALL DVD
Our Price: $21.80

Great Expectations FitBALL DVD
Our Price: $21.80

Lower Body Challenge FitBALL DVD
Our Price: $20.56

The Balanced Workout FitBALL Dvd
Our Price: $21.80

Upper Body Challenge FitBALL DVD
Our Price: $21.80

Using the Ball During Pregnancy FitBALL DVD
Our Price: $49.34

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