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Category: Exercise Balls
Cando Inflatable Saddle Rolls
  • Much easier to control than exercise balls.
  • These colorful inflatable molded heavy-duty vinyl rolls can support up to 600 pounds.
  • Rolls aid in developing muscles, coordination and balance.
  • A therapist might find that rolls have some advantages over exercise balls: they are easier to control because motion is limited to the forward and backward rotation.
  • Further, the “saddle” offers extra support for the patient.
  • Rolls also make a great addition to individual physical fitness regimes.

Cando Inflatable Saddle Roll 30-1725, 40 Cm./15.8", Yellow
Our Price: $32.20

Cando Inflatable Saddle Roll 30-1726, 50 Cm./19.7", Orange
Our Price: $42.92

Cando Inflatable Saddle Roll 30-1727, 60 Cm./23.6", Green
Our Price: $53.66

Cando Inflatable Saddle Roll 30-1728, 70 Cm./27.6", Red
Our Price: $64.37

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