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Category: Leg Support
Activa Anti-Embolism Thigh High Stockings 18 MM HG
  • Indicated for Thrombo Embolic Deterrent; non-ambulatory patients; pre- and post-operative procedures; and mild varicosities without significant edema
  • Also known as Thrombo Embolic Deterrent Stockings, these anti-embolism thigh highs help prevent venous  stasis and embolism formation by applying graduated  compression to the leg.
  • Recommended for the recumbent (non-ambulatory) patient while lying in bed.
  • Features a silicone stay-up top 
  • Application Instructions
    • Apply Activa Legwear in the morning upon rising before any possible swelling. For easier application, feet and legs should be completely dry.
    • 1. Gather one stocking or sock from top to toe and draw over foot.
    • 2. Position heel in stocking, place foot on floor and slowly start pulling the stocking up the leg. Smooth out wrinkles while pulling stocking up. Adjust toe for freedom of movement. 
    • 3. To remove, slowly start from top pulling downward turning the stocking inside out.
    • IMPORTANT: Rough hands, fingernails and jewelry can run and snag stockings. Do not cut any loose ends.
  • Care Instructions: To extend product life, hand or machine wash in warm water with mild soap. Do not bleach. Blot to remove excess water. Air dry away from heat. Do not machine wash or dry. 
  • Beige color
  • Closed toe

Activa Anti-Embolism Thigh High Stockings 18 MM HG, Ankle 6.5"-8", Calf 10.5"-14.5", Small
Our Price: $32.02

Activa Anti-Embolism Thigh High Stockings 18 MM HG, Ankle 8"-9.5", Calf 11.5"-15.5", Medium
Our Price: $32.02

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