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Category: Pillows
Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow
Our Price: $72.12 to $101.01

  • Unique, tri-level design incorporates two correct pillow shapes into one pillow to provide correct spinal alignment whether sleeping on your back or side
  • Surface channels provide air circulation
  • Soft, molded foam is non-allergenic and environmentally friendly
  • Back sleeping
    • Unique wedge extension supports your upper back
    • Cervical contour maintains the natural curve of your neck
    • Center cavity cradles head for optimal support and comfort
  • Side sleeping
    • Raised side sections accomodate shoulder height
    • Contoured head rests keep your head and neck level
    • Side cavities provide flexible cushioning, ensuring jaw comfort which is essential to TMJ sufferers
  • Size: measure from neck to tip of shoulder
  • Free pillowcase and measuring tool with purchase
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