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Category: Ankle Braces
Swede-O Inner Lok 8
  • Simplify your life and eliminate the time you spend teaching and reteaching your patients how to properly apply a brace with external figure-eight straps.
  • The figure-eight straps are pre-configured inside the brace so the user simply pulls on the straps for a snug fit.
  • Sized by U.S. shoe size

Swede-O 02612 Inner Lok 8, White, Small
Our Price: $33.85

Swede-O 02613 Inner Lok 8, White, Medium
Our Price: $33.85

Swede-O 02614 Inner Lok 8, White, Large
Our Price: $35.30

Swede-O 02615 Inner Lok 8, White, XLarge
Our Price: $33.85

Swede-O 22611 Inner Lok 8, Black, XSmall
Our Price: $35.30

Swede-O 22612 Inner Lok 8, Black, Small
Our Price: $35.30

Swede-O 22613 Inner Lok 8, Black, Medium
Our Price: $35.30

Swede-O 22614 Inner Lok 8, Black, Large
Our Price: $35.30

Swede-O 22615 Inner Lok 8, Black, XLarge
Our Price: $33.85

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