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Category: Dressing
Silverlon Antimicrobial Wound Packing Strips

Silverlon SRWPS112 Antimicrobial Wound Packing Strips, 1" x 12", 5/Box
Our Price: $76.95

  • Packed into open wounds that are infected or have a high potential of being infected
  • Provide an antimicrobial barrier to the entry of external bacteria and fungi as well as an antimicrobial agent for reducing the bacteria and fungi on the surface of the open wound
  • Indicated for control of local wound bleeding and nasal hemorrhage, to encourage draining by wicking fluids from a body cavity, infected area, or abscess, and to help remove necrotic tissue from ulcers or other infected wounds when used as a “wet-to-dry” packing.  Can be used on penetrating wounds and puncture wounds.
  • To reduce infection and encourage draining by wicking fluid from the body cavity, infected areas, abscess, tunneling and undermining wounds as well as for antimicrobial wound packing for penetration and puncture wounds. May also be used during local wound bleeding and nasal hemorrhage for 7 days.
  • Guidelines for Use
    • Wet dressing with sterile water.
    • Apply in direct contact with entire wound bed and walls (lightly packing).
    • Overlap wound margins 1 or 2 cm onto healthy skin.
    • Cover wound with conventional dressing techniques.
    • Change or clean dressing based on exudate build up and wound condition.
    • For optimal results, maintain dressing in clean, moist condition for 7 day use.
  • For external use only, remove prior to MRI Scanning.
  • Do Not use on patients with known sensitivity to silver or nylon.
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