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Category: Bandages
Silipos Gel-E-Roll

Special Order Item: Silipos 10355 Gel-E-Roll
Our Price: $29.61

  • *Special order item; takes approximately 10-14 business days to ship out
  • Elastic bandage with one side coated in a thin layer of mineral oil gel
  • Conforms to difficult or irregular surfaces of the body and will not slide
  • Gel moves with the skin and does not promote skin irritation
  • May be used:
    • To reduce scar tissue
    • For cold therapy
    • To provide compression
    • As a residual limb shrinker
    • To aid in muscle strains or arthritic pain
    • To moisturize areas of dry skin
    • For burn care
    • To help control edema
  • The Gel Bandage is soft and elastic which allows it to conform comfortably around any bony prominence and may be cut without fraying the bandage.
  • The mineral oil released from the gel onto the skin also helps to soften dry skin and to reduce scar tissue by improving the mobility and elasticity of the skin after scarring.
  • Washable and reusable
  • 4" x 4 Ft. Roll
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