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Pain Relieving Gels Topical Analgesics

Category: Pain Relieving Gels Topical Analgesics
  • Cools the affected area, providing welcome relief
  • Medication penetrates skin, working swiftly to cool and ease the inflamed area
  • Stretches easily and molds to fit any part of the body
  • Removes easily without pulling at skin or hair
  • Stays in place when needed, and comes off painlessly when removed

Salonpas 20 Patches/Pack
Our Price: $3.56

Salonpas 40 Patches/Pack
Our Price: $6.59

Salonpas External Pain Relief Patch 4 Patches
Our Price: $3.01

Salonpas Hot Capsicum Patch
Our Price: $2.03

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