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Category: Stethoscopes
Rappaport Type Stethoscopes

Most popular style of stethoscope. Offers unlimited flexibility while maintaining outstanding acoustical qualities.

  • Includes: five interchangeable chestpieces – three bells(adult, medium and infant) and two diaphragms (small and large) for acustom examination; plus three different sized eartips.
  • Heavy-walled 22” vinyl tubing blocks out extraneous sounds.
  • Individually packaged in an attractive four-color, foam-lined box
  • Includes:five interchangeable chestpieces – three bells (adult, medium andinfant) and two diaphragms (small and large) for a custom examination;plus three different sized eartips
  • Heavy-walled 22” vinyl tubing

MABIS 10-414-010 Rappaport Type Stethoscope Blue
Our Price: $13.66

MABIS 10-414-020 Rappaport Type Stethoscope Black
Our Price: $13.66

MABIS 10-414-070 Rappaport Type Stethoscope Burgundy
Our Price: $13.66

MABIS 10-414-080 Rappaport Type Stethoscope Red
Our Price: $13.65

MABIS 10-414-150 Rappaport Type Stethoscope Magenta
Our Price: $13.65

MABIS 10-414-160 Rappaport Type Stethoscope Teal
Our Price: $13.66

MABIS 10-414-240 Rappaport Type Stethoscope Navy
Our Price: $13.66

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