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Category: Knee Braces
PowerCentric Knee Brace
  • This brace offers intermediary support for mild to moderate ligament strains, sprains (ACL/PCL), meniscal injuries, medial/lateral co-ligament instabilities and tears, and hyperextension or chronic knee instability problems. 
  • The polycentric hinges allow for full range of motion and include a built-in stop to prevent hyperextension of the knee.
  • Contoured condyle shells provide additional protection against lateral impacts during activity.
  • Polycentric Hinges - Knee retains full range of natural motion and is protected against hyperextension with a built-in hinge stop. The dual axis, polycentric hinges track more closely with the knee motion than a single axis hinge.
  • Composite Hinge Material - Lightweight hinge straps are made from high-grade, glass-filled Nylon material. The heavy duty construction of the hinges make them strong and durable.
  • Contoured Condyle Shells - Condyle shells allow for a better fit and increased comfort while protecting the joint against lateral impacts.
  • Tapered Sleeve Design with Open Popliteal - The contoured neoprene sleeve design accommodates curvature of the leg. As a result, the brace fits comfortably and is less likely to migrate. Open popliteal eliminates bunching and irritation behind the knee.
  • Superior Patella Stabilization - Double layer of supportive neoprene around the entire kneecap holds the patella securely in place.
  • Adjustable Support Straps - Straps on the thigh and calf can be adjusted for additional support and stability.
  • Sports Neoprene - Neoprene material generates and retains body heat for therapeutic warmth and increased circulation.
  • Low Profile, Slip-On Style - Easy to apply and remove, comfortable to wear.
  • Application
    • Insert foot into support and slide up over knee with the popliteal opening behind the knee and the patella (circular) opening towards the front (straps may need to be loosened in order to slide support on).
    • For a proper fit, the patella opening should fit snug around the patella. The popliteal opening should fall over the crease in the back of the knee.
    • The pivoting point or center of each hinge should be aligned with the pivoting point of the knee on both sides (this can be done by simply lifting up on the center of the hinge and placing it in the proper position). The condyle pads should fit comfortably on the sides of the knees.
    • Secure the top and bottom straps first to maintain position. Secure the remaining two straps by alternating; secure the anterior (front) strap first, then secure the lower, posterior (back) strap. This is important in order to maintain the center of the hinge in line with the center of the knee. Do not pull straps so tightly as to limit circulation. Once all straps are secured, check for proper alignment.
    • To remove brace, loosen straps and slide off the leg. Remember to check the hinge alignment with the center of the knee each time the brace is re-applied.
  • Care Instructions: Secure straps. Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Wrap in towel to remove excess water (do not twist or wring). Air dry away from heat. Do not tumble dry. Do not use bleach.
  • Black color
  • How to Size: Measure four inches above the center of the knee for thigh measurement and four inches below center of the knee for calf. If thigh and calf measurements disagree, use thigh measurement.

PowerCentric Knee Brace, 2XLarge
Our Price: $98.57

PowerCentric Knee Brace, Large
Our Price: $98.57

PowerCentric Knee Brace, Medium
Our Price: $98.57

PowerCentric Knee Brace, Small
Our Price: $98.57

PowerCentric Knee Brace, XLarge
Our Price: $98.57

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