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Category: Neck and Cervical Traction
NeckPro Cervical Traction

NeckPro Cervical Traction
Our Price: $88.64

  • FDA Registered cervical traction device that is easy-to-use at home or away, to significantly reduce neck pain
  • NeckPro is an easy-to-use traction device that can be used at home to significantly reduce neck pain. Millions of people suffer from neck pain every day, sometimes immobilizing them almost completely. Neck pain can be caused by traumatic injury from strain, whiplash, or a fracture. However, it also may be caused from sitting too long at a desk or computer; driving long distances; poor posture; improper sleeping habits; and from everyday physical, mental, and, especially, emotional stress.
  • Neck pain results from muscle spasm or tension that causes narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae. This stricture places pressure on the nerves in the area, a condition commonly known as a “pinched nerve.” That’s where NeckPro comes in. NeckPro is a device that applies cervical traction, stretching muscles and forcing them to relax. The result is to effectively break the neck pain/spasm cycle.
  • Invented by a practicing physician, who is board-certified in Emergency Medicine, NeckPro is an over-the-door cervical traction unit for home use. It is safe and effective when used as directed to relieve pain associated with:
    • Cervical disc herniation
    • Cervical radiculopathy
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Neck strain
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Whiplash
    • Pinched nerve in the upper spine with associated pain radiating down upper extremities
    • Spondylosis
    • Tension, and/or tightness (muscle spasm) in muscles of the upper back, shoulders and neck, and/or resulting insomnia or tension headaches
  • Advantages of Using NeckPro
    • Simple, easy, effective, portable & affordable
    • No assembly required. No cumbersome weights, waterbags or pulleys.
    • Head and neck are not locked in one position but remain free allowing rotation and extension concurrent with traction to achieve maximum mobility and relaxation. The ratcheting mechanism enables incremental adjustment of the tension without having to dismantle and reassemble the unit.
    • Tension is directed unilinear and is referenced by an audible signal or clicking sound of the ratchet mechanism.
  • Benefits of Using NeckPro
    • Promotes relaxation
    • Reduces stress and tension
    • Reduces, if not eliminates, the need for costly pain medication
    • Aids in returning to normal sleeping habits
    • Reduces the effects of aging on the spine due to gravity
    • Aids in returning normal neck mobility, flexibility and range of motion
    • May postpone or eliminate surgical intervention for cervical disc disease
    • Aids in returning the spine to its anatomical posture
  • Instructions
    • Mount metal door bracket over top center of door. Engage release tab on bracket and lower harness for applying to head and neck.
    • Sit in chair with your back firmly against back of chair, and the chair pushed back against door. Assume position of comfort and keep same position in order to maintain static tension traction.
    • Apply harness to back of head and chin. For comfort, place chinstrap so that it embraces the for ward structure of the chin in a cupping or concave manner. Pull hook and loop strap forward and attach to patches on both sides of the chinstrap. Ensure a firm grip to back of head and neck. Tighten harness by pulling down on white cord. Ease up on cord after each click to sense the increased tension/traction. When you sense the first tug or lift, begin counting the clicks. Each click equals an approximate one pound increase in traction or tension, up to approximately 20 pounds maximum.
    • Release/remove harness. DO NOT release harness by reaching up to tab on ratchet, but rather, grasp forward end of hook and loop straps, pull back and up behind head for ease of removal.
    • Recommended regimen 5-10 pounds (clicks) of tension for 10 minutes a.m. and p.m. until you obtain therapeutic pain relief and then as needed.
    • Attention: Use as directed by your licensed medical practitioner to be sure you have no medical or physical condition, which would preclude its use. Use only according to the above instructions. DO NOT modify or disassemble. Keep away from children.
  • DO NOT USE IF: You have severe osteoporosis, cancer of the bone or metastatic cancer, congenital spine deformity, panic disorder, unstable or fracture of upper spine, worsening of your pain or condition, spinal cord injury, fusion of cervical vertebrae, temporomandibular joint disorder, or if your symptoms are in any way related to fever or infection.
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