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Category: Bandages
Molnlycke Wound Care Setopress

Molnlycke Wound Care SC3505 Setopress, 1 Piece
Our Price: $26.97

  • Lightweight high compression bandage
  • Used in the treatment of venous leg ulcers and associated conditions requiring graduated compression of the leg
  • Lightweight advanced fabric construction
  • To ensure correct application, a simple visual guide is permanently printed on both sides of the bandage. The visual guide consists of color rectangles which becomes squares when the correct extension is reached.  The visual application guide makes it easy to apply Setopress consistently and correctly.
  • For high compression, use brown rectangles stretched to squares. For moderate compression, use green rectangles stretched to squares.
  • On one side of the bandage are brown rectangles which become squares when the correct extension is reached to provide over 40mmHg at the ankle for optimum healing rates. When applied correctly, Setopress high compression bandages produce a level of compression that has been shown to heal even long-standing leg ulcers within 12 weeks.
  • On the other side are green rectangles giving moderate compression (30mmHg at the ankle). If a patient is not used to compression therapy or finds it difficult to comply, moderate compression may be used initially.
  • Promotes healing of even long-standing venous leg ulcers
  • Thin enough to be worn with shoes to encourage mobility
  • Washable for repeated use with no loss of effect
  • 3.5m long (unstretched) – long enough for even the largest limbs
  • Provides effective high compression
  • Allows for 2 different levels of compression
  • Easy-to-use application technique
  • If a patient is not accustomed to compression therapy or finds it difficult to comply, moderate compression may be used initially.
  • Material properties: Polyamide, Elastane, Cotton
  • Precautions
    • DO NOT apply Setopress if arterial insufficiency is present or suspected
    • DO NOT use the figure-of-eight bandaging technique
    • DO NOT use on limbs with a circumference of less than 7” (18cm)
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