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Category: Pain Relieving Gels Topical Analgesics
Kool N Fit Sport
  • Proven, powerful, and all-natural  external muscle  spray used by professional and      amateur athletes alike to get an edge over their competition
  • Vitalizes the muscular system by increasing blood flow (up to 30%), by relaxing tight muscles, and by avoiding cramping and fatigue
  • When used before, during, and after competition maximum workload can be achieved & maintained, injury risk is being minimized, and recovery is accelerated.
  • This time-tested European formula is easy to use, safe and effective, and generates a feeling of well-being.
  • Non-staining, leaves no messy residue, and has a fresh aroma-therapy scent
  • Antispasmodic ingredients help the body to avoid spasm or cramping during and after sport
  • How to Use: Apply where needed. To ensure full benefits, spray on large muscle groups. Let dry and penetrate. No need to rub in and it will not stain clothing. Sprays at any angle!
  • Tips
  • During Workout/Event: Soak KNF-Sport in a sponge and carry it with you for easy application when fatigue or cramps need to be avoided.
  • Before a Game: Spray KNF-Sport on before a game, during half time, or before overtime to invigorate and prevent injury.
  • Before Sports: Spray KNF-Sport on muscles before sports for better warm-up and performance. Apply before stretching for best results.
  • Shoes: Spray KNF-Sport on the insoles of your shoes to keep feet cool and fresh.
  • Pre-Exercise: Spray KNF-Sport on muscles to relieve Pre-Exercise tightness and Event anxiety. Apply on neck, forehead, and temples, too!
  • During Sports: Spray KNF-Sport on muscles during sports to invigorate and to increase performance. Carry it with you during long events.
  • Minor Aches: Spray KNF-Sport on muscles and joints for temporary relief of minor aches and fatigue in sports. Cover large area, don't rub in.
  • During Bath: Pour 6-7 tablespoons of KNF-Sport into bath water to relax muscles and promote healing.
  • At Bedtime: Apply KNF-Sport at bedtime to minimize next day soreness, stiffness, and minor pains. Revitalize while asleep!
  • Ingredients: menthol, camphor, SD-40 alcohol, de-ionized water, eucalyptus oil, peppermint and other essential herbal oils, and polysorbate

  • Kool N Fit Sport, 4 Oz.
    Our Price: $12.05

    Kool N Fit Sport, Gallon
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