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Category: Pain Relieving Gels Topical Analgesics
Kool N Fit Pain Relieving Spray
  • Proven, all-natural spray containing over a dozen herbal ingredients
  • Just spray it on (no rubbing needed) and feel its deep penetrating action do its work, giving the user an effective pain relief without inflammation or irritation of the skin.
  • By stimulating blood flow, relaxing tight muscles, and its cooling action, KOOL 'N FIT Pain Relieving Liquid invigorates, relieves cramps, restless legs, and creates a feeling of well being.
  • Safe and effective in relieving arthritis, backaches, bruises, strains and sprains, and other problems - degenerative, chronic or temporary
  • Easy to use, NO-TOUCH, spray application which works at any angle, even when the bottle is held upside down.
  • Clear, non-greasy, non-staining, and all-natural liquid which is applied from an environmentally safe pump spray bottle
  • Contains many all-natural ingredients and essential herbal oils which are beneficial for the user
  • Tips
    • Chest Cold Symptoms: To relieve Chest Cold Symptoms, roll-up a towel, heat it in the microwave on high setting for two minutes, apply KOOL 'N FIT on chest, cover with hot towel and go immediately to bed for a good night's rest.
    •  Revitalizing: Pour 6-7 tablespoons of KOOL 'N FIT into your bath water to relax and revitalize after a hard workout or a hectic day.
    • Tension Headaches: Splash on back of neck, forehead, and temples to relieve tension headaches.
    • Restless Leg Symptoms: If Restless Legs are keeping you up at night, spray on KOOL 'N FIT to get back to a good night's rest.
    • Night Cramps: Keep KOOL 'N FIT at your bed-side and when awakened by night cramps, just spray on and go back to sleep.
    • Insect Bites: Spray on insect bites to stop itching.
    • Sunburn Relief: Apply KOOL 'N FIT to a sunburn to cool and soothe the burn.
    • Hot Days: KOOL 'N FIT spray will keep you cool and refreshed when the temperature outside is hot and humid.
    • Travel: Relax your tight neck and shoulders with KOOL 'N FIT. A quick spray also helps to stimulate blood circulation when sitting for a long period of time (i.e. airplane, traveling, etc.).
  • Active Ingredients.............. Purpose 
    Camphor 0.20%.......... Pain Relief 
    Menthol 1.25%........... Pain Relief
  • Other Ingredients: Deionized Water, SD-40 Alcohol, Eucalyptus Oil, Juniperberry Oil, Pine Oil, 
    Other Essential Herbal Oils, Polysorbate 20, SD-40 Alcohol (67% w/w)

Kool N Fit Pain Relieving Spray, 16 Oz.
Our Price: $24.10

Kool N Fit Pain Relieving Spray, 2 Oz.
Our Price: $6.88

Kool N Fit Pain Relieving Spray, 4 Oz.
Our Price: $10.33

Kool N Fit Pain Relieving Spray, 8 Oz.
Our Price: $15.49

Kool N Fit Pain Relieving Spray, Gallon Refill
Our Price: $137.70

Kool N Fit Pain Relieving Spray, Half Gallon Refill
Our Price: $70.34

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