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Category: Bandages
Kendall CONFORM Stretch Bandages
  • Provide softness, low lint, and high absorbency with moderate stretch for maximum clinical flexibility
  • Made from a cotton/polyester crocheted blend
  • Cotton/Polyester construction provides elasticity allows it to retain its shape, reducing slippage. Allows absorption of drainage while remaining strong and durable.
  • Convenient packaging; Easy to open saving time
  • Unique polyester/cotton ration allows ideal stretch and conformability to accommodate increased or decreased swelling
  • Low profile to help ensure patient dignity
  • CONFORM Stretch Bandages are commonly used as a securement layer. To Protect, Absorb, Secure and Support.
  • CONFORM Stretch Bandages are designed to stretch and conform, making them ideal for lower limbs and joints.
  • Indications
    • Securing Dressing
    • Securing IVs
    • Securing Splints
    • Providing Mild Compression and Support
  • Wrap CONFORM around desired area to provide protection, absorption, securement and support

Kendall 2236 CONFORM Stretch Bandages, 4" X 75", Sterile Soft Pouch, 12/Box
Our Price: $18.37

Kendall 2239 CONFORM Stretch Bandages, Bulk Nonsterile, 1" X 75", 24/Box
Our Price: $10.12

Kendall 2242 CONFORM Stretch Bandages, Bulk Nonsterile, 2" X 75", 12/Box
Our Price: $6.54

Kendall 2247 CONFORM Stretch Bandages, Bulk Nonsterile, 4" X 75", 12/Box
Our Price: $11.44

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