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Category: Hot and Cold Packs
Jack Frost Instant Hot and Cold Packs
  • Convenient for instant hot or cold therapy
  • Insulation on body side of pack prevents dissipation of cold or heat
  • Increases use time in cold by 20%, 50% on hot
  • Excellent for use with lumbosacral support belts
  • 100 °F Heat pack temperature
  • 33 °F Cold pack temperature
  • Made in USA
  • Temperature is retained approximately 30 minutes
  • Reusable

Jack Frost Instant Cold Pack 5.5"x7"
Our Price: $0.95

Jack Frost Instant Cold Pack 6"x8.75"
Our Price: $1.07

Jack Frost Instant Hot Pack 6.25"x8"
Our Price: $2.01

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