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Category: Iontophoresis
IontoPatch 80 Iontophoresis
  • Self-contained, ultra-thin battery technology eliminates the need for external batteries or wires.
  • Made of flexible and breathable material 
  • Prepared by the clinician and applied to the patient in the clinic
  • Wireless technology allows patients to return to their daily activities or continue with therapy while receiving time released iontophoresis
  • Medication is applied directly to the appropriate electrode pad
  • Designed to shut off automatically when the prescribed dose has been administered
  • Specifications
    • Active area: 15.5 cm2
    • Dosage: 80 mA-min
    • Operating current: 0.1 mA
    • Fill volume: 1.2-1.6 cc
    • Recommended wear time: 24 hours
    • Skin interface: Synthetic, non-woven absorbent material
    • Conductive element: Screen-printed electrode

IontoPatch 80 13-5220, Six 80 mA-min Patches & 6 Saline Vials
Our Price: $75.73

Iontopatch 80 13-5222, Twenty-four 80 mA-min Patches & 24 Saline Vials
Our Price: $302.94

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