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Category: Wound and Skin Cleansers
Healthpoint ALLCLEANZ Wound Cleanser

Healthpoint HE020012 ALLCLEANZ Wound Cleanser, 12 Oz. Bottle
Our Price: $24.36

  • Moisturizing dermal wound cleanser gently removes wound debris as it cleanses and washes
  • Effectively cleanses the wound with physiologically balanced surfactants, moisturizers, emulsifiers and preservatives without being toxic to the body's natural wound healing process
  • A mild surfactant and wetting agent aids in removing debris and exudate without harming fragile tissue or compromising the natural healing process.
  • Spray gently removes debris from the wound bed. Nozzle adjusts to stream for dislodging particulate matter.
  • The moisturizing non-ionic formulation of ALLCLENZ Wound Cleanser does not need to be rinsed out of the wound after application.
  • Unlike saline, ALLCLENZ Wound Cleanser provides moisturizers, wetting agents, and penetrating safe surfactants to break down and remove wound debris.
  • The isotonic formulation of ALLCLENZ Wound Cleanser provides a cleansing solution in which cells neither swell or shrink. It utilizes a non-cytotoxic, non-ionic surfactant to cleanse wound tissues without harming cells.
  • The pH range of ALLCLENZ Wound Cleanser is 6.0 to 7.6.
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