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Category: Hand Therapy
Eggsercizer Resistive Hand Exercisers
  • Ergonomically shaped for hand, finger and wrist rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Four color-coded progressive resistances
  • Reduced resistance levels for a softer fee
  • Smoother, tack-free surface thanks to a  new surface modification process
  • Use Eggsercizer to Help:
    • Rehabilitate post-operative and post-traumatic hands and arms
    • Restore function in hands, arms and shoulders following a stroke
    • Reduce pain and stiffness in arthritic fingers, hands and wrists
    • Relax tense, sore muscles and reduce stress
    • Strengthen aging hand and arms
    • Keep musician's fingers limber
  • Also Use For:
    • Thumb opposition
    • Wrist flexion & extension
    • Wrist pronation & supination
    • Fine motor control
    • Closed chain exercises

Eggsercizer Resistive Hand Exerciser 1884, Orange, Extra Soft
Our Price: $8.49

Eggsercizer Resistive Hand Exerciser 1885, Green, Soft
Our Price: $8.49

Eggsercizer Resistive Hand Exerciser 1886, Blue, Medium
Our Price: $8.49

Eggsercizer Resistive Hand Exerciser 1887, Plum, Firm
Our Price: $8.49

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