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Category: Cold Therapy
PSI CryoStim Probe
  • The CroyStim Probe was created by Pelton Shepherd Industries in 1986 to provide people with an alternative for pain relieving.
  • Ice massage and trigger points have long been an effective form of therapy to control pains ranging from the lower back to toothaches.
  • The CryoStim combines these two techniques in one clean and easy to use device. 
  • Instructions for Use
    • Place the CryoStim Probe in the freezer for at least four hours.
    • Remove from the freezer and allow the probe to warm up in a normal room temperature environment for 5 minutes.
    • Apply a small amount of conductive gel over the area to be massaged. This is to prevent/minimize skin irritation and ensures a continuous conductivity between the probe and the gel.
    • Massage the area with a gentle, continuous, circular motion for 5 to 7 minutes. DO NOT press the probe into the skin. DO NOT exceed 10 minutes of massage at any given time or site.

PSI CryoStim Probe, 1 Oz. Gel Tube
Our Price: $3.98

PSI CryoStim Probe, Two Probes and One 2 Fl. Oz. Gel Tube
Our Price: $20.01

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