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Category: Sanitizers and Disinfectants
Citrus II Antibacterial Hand Soap
Unique, patented formula with proven, germ-fighting ingredients provides gentle, yet effective protection against a broad spectrum of common, disease-causing germs, such as E. coli, pseudomonas, salmonella, and staphylococcus. Has a fresh, natural, citrus fragrance and is loaded with moisturizers so hands won't dry out with repeated use .
Citrus II Antibacterial Hand Soap kills a broad spectrum of germs with a proven germ fighting ingredient. And like other Citrus II products, it has a refreshing, natural citrus scent. Citrus II's unique formula helps to keep you and your family healthy. Citrus II Antibacterial is strong protection against germs, yet gentle enough for the whole family.
  • Effective protection against disease-causing germs such as E. coli, pseudemonas, salmonella, and staphylococcus
  • Fresh, natural, citrus scent
  • Unique, patented formula helps to moisturize
  • Strong against germs, yet gentle
Gentle enough to use with children.

Citrus II Antibacterial Hand Soap 32 oz. Pump
Our Price: $11.07

Citrus II Antibacterial Hand Soap 8 oz. Pump
Our Price: $4.48

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