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Category: Ultrasound
BodyMed Portable Ultrasound Machine

BodyMed Portable Ultrasound Machine
Our Price: $127.84

  • Formerly known as ReliaMed
  • Portable ultrasound unit features pulse waveform, 3 power settings and a 30-minute timer with auto shut-off
  • Generates deep heat within body tissues for treatment of selected medical conditions, such as pain relief, muscle spasms and joint contractures
  • Not for the treatment of malignancies
  • 1-MHz output frequency
  • 5.4-┬Ás pulse width
  • 150-Hz repition rate
  • Low (1.6 W), medium (2.6 W) and high (4.6 W) output intensities
  • Low (7%), medium (15%) and high (30%) duty cycles
  • 8 W temporal maximum power
  • Pulse output mode
  • Unit weighs 120 g
  • 172 mm L x 54 mm W x 42 mm H
  • Includes AC adapter, carrying case, ultrasound gel, and instruction booklet
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
About Ultrasound
Ultrasound therapy is the use of high frequency sound waves to penetrate the skin to stimulate the cells and tissues where external treatments can not reach.  The ultrasound waves speed up the healing process in the target area from increased circulation, oxygen flow, reduced swelling, and improved cell regeneration. 

Therapists have been using ultrasound for many years to treat conditions and injuries such as tendon and muscle injuries, arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches, strains, and more.

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