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Category: TENS/EMS Combo Units
BodyMed Dual Stim Digital TENS and EMS Combination Unit

BodyMed Dual Stim Digital TENS and EMS Combination Unit
Our Price: $84.37

  • Portable, digital electrotherapy unit with dual, isolated channels
  • Cap and slide cover protect against accidental setting changes
  • Features 7 modes: burst, continuous, modulation, strength-duration and rate modulation, strength duration and width modulation, synchronous, and alternation
  • Timer features 15-, 30- and 60-minute programs of fixed duration and one continuous
  • 1 Hz - 160 Hz (adjustable), 1 Hz/step (1 Hz - 20 Hz), 5 Hz/step (20 Hz - 160 Hz) pulse rate
  • 50 µs - 260 µs adjustable pulse width for TENS, and 250 µs fixed pulse width for EMS
  • By changing mode, output resets to zero, then ramps up to its original setting intensity to protect user from a sudden surge
  • Patient compliance counter shows treatment time in hours
  • Patient lock system prevents user from changing fixed parameters set by physician or licensed practitioner
  • For TENS, LCD panel displays modes, pulse rate, pulse width, timer and channels
  • For EMS, LCD panel displays modes, pulse rate, ON time, OFF time, timer and channels
  • Includes unit, lead wires, 4 standard electrodes (1 pack), 9-volt battery, hard plastic carrying case, and operation manual
  • One-year warranty on unit
  • Formerly known as ReliaMed

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