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Category: Dressing
ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive Dressing

Special Order Item: Smith & Nephew 5466927637 ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive Dressing, 4" X 4", 10/Box
Our Price: $117.82

  • *Special order item; takes approximately 10-14 business days to ship out
  • Non-Adhesive Hydrocellular Polyurethane Dressing
  • Lack of adhesive allows the use of the most suitable retention method, for example, tape onto intact skin, appropriate bandaging or a film dressing
  • Handles up to three times more fluid through increased breathability and rate of absorption
  • Optimizes the moist wound environment leading to the promotion of rapid wound closure and reduced risk of maceration
  •  Unique design with sealed and shaped edges to provide protection against leakage
  • Features
    • Unique trilaminate structure
    • Non adherent wound contact layer
    • Highly absorbent central hydrocellular layer
    • Waterproof outer film layer aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination
    • Non-adhesive: recommended for wounds surrounded by sensitive skin
  • Can stay in place for up to seven days
  • Conformable and can be cut to suit various wound shapes and locations
  • As ALLEVYN dressings absorb exudate, they may swell slightly, but do not leave debris in the wound. The progression of exudate through the dressing is visible through the pink top film.
  • Soft and cushioning, providing excellent patient comfort
  • Do not use ALLEVYN dressings with oxidising agents such as hypochlorite solutions or hydrogen peroxide, as these can break down the absorbent hydrocellular component of the dressing.
  • Not indicated for use on third degree burns
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